Oil Paintings

  The Medium Used by an Artist

When people think about paintings, they often think about oil paintings for their richness and their amazing colors. There is a long history of artists using oil paints to create spectacular works of art. Many of the world's most famous paintings are oil paintings. The Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, and The Scream are all oil paintings that are cherished by the art world. Oil painting has been done since the days of ancient Rome and Greece as well as in ancient India and China. It became a popular form of painting in the 5th century, and by the 15th century, it was a well-established art form that the great artists used to create stunning works of art. People still love oil paintings today, and artists love using oil paints because of the end results they get from them. They are a classic way to create a beautiful work of art.

When an artist chooses which media to use for their work of art, a lot goes into the process of this choice. The type of paint used makes an enormous difference in the way the work will look and be perceived. Many artists like to use watercolors when creating softer paintings that dazzle the eyes with their use of color. Other artists prefer the rich, intense look of oil paints. Many artists choose acrylic paints for their ease of use and dynamic colors. The medium that an artist chooses often has a lot to do with their skills and artistic background. Each of the different media comes with its own necessary skills that take time to foster. An artist with a long background in oil paintings, for instance, may not like using watercolors because the techniques used are so different. What counts is the finished product and that it looks the way the artist dreamed it would.