Watercolor Artists

Works of Art From Watercolor Artists

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The use of watercolors by a watercolor artist is done in a very different way from standard painting. Watercolors layer differently, and they are thinner than traditional paints. The thin nature of these paints means that they are generally used to create paintings on pieces of paper rather than on canvases. A watercolor artist must have a lot of skill in using these paints, as there are many techniques that only work well with watercolors. For those who love color and the layering of color, watercolors can make great works of art that use color in extraordinary ways that feel new and fresh. Watercolor painting fans appreciate the difficulty of using these paints and the way in which they layer to create darker hues. Watercolor paintings are amazing works of art that add color and texture to any room they are displayed in.

Watercolor artists have long been held as some of the great masters of art. Artists like William Blake, Georgia O'Keeffe, John Singer Sargent, and James Whistler became some of the stars of the art world thanks to their skill with using watercolors. Their works are treasured throughout the world for their intricate details, their use of color, and the overall soft look of their colors. Collectors love the varied techniques and styles that are created by watercolor artists. The look of a finished watercolor work is much different than the look of an oil painting or other medium. It is a look that many people treasure for its softness and the many expressions it embodies. Watercolor artists have made major, important works with this medium. This type of paint is now respected and admired throughout the art and art-fan communities for its beauty and elegance.